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Wednesday, May 25, 2011


PARADISE PRINCIPLE::RATZON: "what you'd like to be or accomplish in some future projected time frame(s), such as a lifetime, 5 years, one year, 2 months, a day. Frame it as a graduation speech which you are giving now, ie. you are NOW standing in the future. This is the meaning of the word presume (pre= before and resume`= my personal accomplishment). The goal is to go a bit beyond your present capabilities (which gives you something to grow into). Take note of the whats and the hows, ie. what you achieved and how you achieved it. I recommend strongly that you do this presume` for maximizing what you can get out of this merkava course. Give your merkava graduation speech now and follow it till the end. At another opportunity I hope to discuss more about tapping the void type exercise!!"

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