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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

How to Aliyah

How to Aliyah: move to the other side of the reader to make room for the next person called to the Torah. Having blessed the Torah, you are now honored with being invited to stay at the reading table for the next aliyah. At this time, or perhaps after the next aliyah, or even after all the aliyot, one of the gabbaim (the people at the reading table who assist the reader) will read a prayer called a Mi Shebeirach ("The One Who Blessed..."). If this is done while you are standing at the reading table, you will be asked for your Hebrew name, which may be given in the form: [Your name] ben/bat [your mother's name] and [your father's name]. You may use the name of only one parent if you so choose. When the next aliyah is completed, you may return to your seat. It is customary to take a longer route back to your seat than that which you took to ascend to the bima, signifying your reluctance at leaving the Torah.

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