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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Contact Importer » phpFox - Social Networking Script

Contact Importer » phpFox - Social Networking Script: "Contact Importer helps users access to address books to invite friends to connect with them in the social networking. The plug in supports most popular email providers with hundreds of email domains. Besides, the plug in also supports for 40+ most well-known social networking platforms such as Netlog, Hi5, Twitters,..

phpFox version: 2.x
phpFox 3: Available when official V3 comes out

Highlight Features:

* Integrate importing csv and vcf into Contact Importer.
* Contact Importer could import user avatars for some providers supported it.
* Controlling providers in the admin panel.
* Add invite form into widget.
* Invite friends using email providers
* Invite friends using social networking platforms
* Contact Importer in the Sign Up Process

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